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Dry eyes

Over the past year, we at D4 Medical have seen an increase in Dry, irritated eyes with associated Meibomian cysts.

Our eye health has become more compromised due to excessive staring screen time, Allergies such as hay fever, weather changes, medications such as antihistamines, decongestants and benzodiazepines, contact lens wearers, keratitis and even certain illnesses can contribute such as Sjogrens syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus and Type 1 Diabetes. Even Homeopathic remedies!

This can be Temporary or Chronic-

Dry eye disease occurs because

1. the eyes are not making enough tears

(Aqueous tear are deficient- the lacrimal glands are responsible for making the watery component of tears, when this is compromised, the eye surface becomes unhealthy and gritty ) or

2. The tears are evaporating. This is caused by inflammation of the Meibomian glands of the eyelids. They make the oily tears which in turn slows down the evaporation of tears.

The eyes become irritated and gritty and the lids become swollen. This can also cause itching, blurred vision, light sensitivity, watery and red eyes.

Treatment such as-

Hypromellose is a lubricant that form a layer that stops evaporating of tears and it also can increase the thickness of the tear film. Usually they are preservative free so that irritation risk is minimised and contact wearers can also use theses.

-Omega-3 oils may improve quality of the oiliness in tears however this is not proven fully .It does not work directly on the surface of the eye.

Few Causes-

1)Hayfever presents as Irritated, red, itchy eyes and responds to sodium cromoglicate. This prevents the mast cells from releasing histamine.

Eye washes with sodium chloride clears irritants such as dust and pollen

This usually takes a few days to respond.

It is always best to get preservative free.

2)Blepharitis- this is inflammation of the eyelids where the lashes grow.Oil glands near the base of the gland get clogged and this causes redness and irritation.

In severe conditions there is an overgrowth of dermodex- tiny parasites that live in the lashes.

Tea tree and hyaluronic acid(HA) helps to repel mites that live in the eyelashes. This should be massaged onto lids twice per day. This is antimicrobial and helps to prevent redness and crusting. The HA forms a layer over the eye that helps to prevent any further damage from dry eye.


)Exposure to blue light from screen time can cause the eyes to become dry and gritty due to lack of blinking.

Minimising exposure of possible !

Self- Management

.Lid Hygiene twice daily

.Minimise screen -Time

.Contact lens free time

.Artificial Tears that are over the counter and preservative free and containing hyaluronic acid.

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