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Meno Clinic

Meno Clinic

As a female doctor,  looking after families over the past 25 years, from the Antenatal stage to Retirement and everything in between we decided to dedicate time towards our ladies specifically the menopause.

 The menopause experience varies from person to person.

We have now dedicated a time for you and your symptoms and queries  for us to work with you to maximise the next 5-10 years in a calm, discrete manner.

We take time to discuss your treatment options and create a treatment plan.

This is an opportune time to ensure that you are looking after you!

Are you up to date with cervical smear, mammogram, bone health and  cardiovascular system?

Many questions will be asked, some intimate, so volunteer as much as you can!

As you know blood tests DO NOT tell us if you are menopausal but rather YOUR symptoms do!

It is also a good time to check Thyroid, Cholesterol, Bone and Breast health!

Book with us now!

Lets embrace this new phase in our lives!

We will follow up with blood test results 10-14 days later and a 6 monthly review.

Let’s Work Together

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