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Special Services

Full Medical Sceening for Men and Women 

A full medical including Blood pressure,Eye Examination, Heart, Lungs, Breast, Joints and Cervical Smear if needed with a full panel of blood tests.

Joint Injections

Did you know steroid joint injections could provide alot of relief to those suffering from Osteoarthritis?!

Meno Clinic

 As a female doctor,  looking after families over the past 25 years, we decided to dedicate time towards our ladies specifically the Menopause.
We will also be conducting a male Meno Clinic! More on that soon!
The Menopause experience varies from person to person.
We have now dedicated a time for you and your symptoms inorder for us to work with you,to maximise the next 5-10 years of your life in a calm non -rushed clinic.
We take time to discuss your treatment options and create a treatment plan.
This is an opportune time to ensure that you are looking after you !
Are you up to date with cervical smear, mammogram, cardiovascular system?

As you know blood tests do not tell us if you are menopausal but rather YOUR symptoms do!
It is also a good time to check Thyroid, Cholesterol, Bone and Breast health!​

Sexual Health Screening

A sexual history is taken and a full blood screen including 

HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Syphlilis as well as swabs for Candida ,Trichomonas and a urine for Chlaymdia and Gonorrohea

Mirena/ Kyleena Coil Insertion

The Mirena Coil is a Progesterone device that can provide long term contraception as well as provide treatment for heavy periods,anaemia,endometriosis,one half of menopause replacement!

Kyleena IUD provides 19.5 mcg of progesterone which provides contraception for 5 years 

Come chat  to us!

Skin Enhancement

Did you know we have been offering Antiwrinkle injections for the past 15 years !

Now we have added Profilo and Hydrobooster to that list
Profhilo is NOT a filler but rather it rehydrates the skin through injections .
This boosts collagen,refreshes, smooths skin subtlely and improves texture.
Two courses are needed at a 1 month interval.

Results are usually seen 6 weeks after the second treatment.

Hydrobooster uses glycerol and hyaluronic acid to target defined areas such as eyes and around neck and lips
We also offer Chemical Peels using Definesse Menarini products to complement our above treatments.

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