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Skin Enhancement

Did you know we have been offering Antiwrinkle injections for the past 15 years !

Now we have added Profhilo and Hydrobooster to that list
Profhilo is NOT a filler but rather it rehydrates the skin through injections .
This boosts collagen, refreshes, smooths skin gently and improves texture.
Two courses are needed at a 1 month interval.
Results are usually seen 6 weeks after the second treatment.

Hydrobooster is a combination of glycerol and hyaluronic acid  that  restores and revitalisates It is a mesotherapy treatment that improves skin hydration, skin tone, and elasticity.

This is used on targeted areas.

We are also performing CHEMICAL PEEL Treatments to complement our above treatments.
This  is a chemical peel that can be carried out on all skin types. The peel uses a a combination of Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic acid to help improve the  skin and encourage a healthy cell turnover. This allows for a brighter smoother skin!


Water Drops
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