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Ocotober is Breast awareness month

Check your breasts regularly including your armpits and above and below clavicle/ neck area !

The best time to check your breasts, is around 7 days after your menstrual period.

It’s important to check regularly so it’s best to check once a month. Incorporating your breast self-check into your monthly routine will help you remember.

Check your breasts wherever you feel most comfortable and not rushed !

🚩Any concerns don’t delay and get checked

Pain in one breast that is constant and present for longer than one month needs investigation!

Breast screening in Ireland starts at 50 years so make sure your register at

However from the development of our breasts we shoud be teaching our teenagers about self breast examination.

Dont wait until 50 years if you are worried, you can be screened earlier especially if you feel any abnormality or have a family history of breast disease.

Early detection saves lives.

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