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spring into skin care

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

skin saviours

Spring is a perfect time to look after your skin.

#CeraVe is a fantastic wash that is supermoisturisng. We are the practice are using this as our hand wash literally every 10 minutes.

#Lipikar from #larocheposay is a wondermoisturiser which when coupled (for severe dry skin) with #Relizema cream ( a new treatment) from #Relife really prevents the use of steroids for severe dry chapped skin or dermatitis. Our ongoing hand washing needs to be protected with these products. Most local pharmacies will stock this.

Moisturising body wash recommendations are #Bioderma Atoderm,#Relizema lipid-replenshing cleanser or #lipikar body wash. These are packed with moisturising properties to sooth skin and they also protect the skin while we use them. Everyone can use these body washes.

Don't forget daily eye cream -We love love love #Vichy89,use this day and night and of course sun screen should be part of our daily skin regime.#larocheposayanthelios and #dermokids are the sunscreens we recommend for us and our young ones.

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